January 2020  
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So Quietly Given, We Almost Missed Him

We often miss things like appointments, or losing our keys, or an important happening that passed us by.  Our lives become busier and busier, we are often overwhelmed just getting through a daily routine, or family stresses upend our tranquility, or we make mistakes and end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.  

The world was not ready for the silent appearance of a Savior.  In fact, most of the people in the Christmas story would have never known of his birth in Bethlehem if it has not been for divine interference.  Certainly those who passed by Joseph and Mary as they made their way to Bethlehem for the Roman census surely had no idea of the special people who traveled next to them or who may have waved at them as they disappeared into the distance.  

We know the innkeeper in Bethlehem didn't see anyone special when Joseph made his appeal for a place to stay. Even when he shared that Mary was in labor and about to give birth, I have no doubt at all that all the innkeeper saw were two poor and destitute individuals with an exhausted donkey, probably unable to pay for their lodging anyway.  Had they been well dressed and in need of lodging, I think that innkeeper would have probably given up his his own bed to accommodate them.  

For these poor people?  The stable was warm and dry and good enough.  We don't know the innkeeper's name but for two thousand years the world has known he turned away the Son of God.  

The shepherds would have missed out on the wondrous birth had they not been startled awake by the appearance of a divine angelic messenger.  Jesus took on human flesh and form, not as an important political figure or a royal baby, but as one of the fringe, the disenfranchised, the poverty stricken.  He was a Savior they could relate to, one who had come to folks like them.  They rejoiced at his coming!

Because of Holy Scripture, the world has learned of the birth of that Special Boy who was given the name Jesus by his mother, as instructed by the Angel Gabriel, for he would ultimately save his people and all people from their sins.  We now know the story.  We now have the opportunity to have a completely different response as that innkeeper as Jesus comes to us through the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit, asking for lodging in our hearts and lives.  As we willing to push aside our busy tasks?  Are we willing to reorder our priorities?  Are we willing to lay aside our fears of surrendering to this Lord who asks for everything we can give?

"O come to  my heart, Lord Jesus.
There is room in my heart for Thee!"


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