December 2017  
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Lift Up Your Gates O Jerusalem -- Behold The King Comes

The world has many ways to keep time -- the fiscal year, the calendar year, the Roman Calendar, the calendars of other cultures and on and on.  Christians around the world observe the Church Year during which believers remember and learn anew the lessons of Jesus' birth, life, death, resurrection, and return to earth in the future.  This time begins with the Season of Advent, the four weeks prior to the celebration of Christ's birth, during which we remember and once again focus on the promised return of our Lord as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Advent is not about getting ready for Christmas.  Although it seems the world is obsessed with shopping and decorations and parties and all the rest that make up the Christmas celebration, for Christians the four weeks of Advent are the Sundays we read again the prophecies, the teachings of the Apostles regarding Christ's Second Coming, and listen again to Jesus' own words about his promised return.

We are especially guided by the Apostle John who speaks of the purifying effect this hope has on all of us.  It challenges us to live each day as if it is the Day of the Lordf when our Lord will appear, the trumpet of the archangel wil sound, and the whole of Creation will be riveted as the end of time approaches.

How then should we live?  The Apostle John counsels us to keep our hearts and minds filled with the blessed hope that Christ is coming and it may be at any time, during any activity, any day, month, or year.  As we keep our focus on this promised event, we know that the way we order our lives, the way we set priorities will be changed and we will know what is truly important--that our daily lives reflect our love for God and our dedication to serve our Savior until that wondrous day when Christ returns and takes us home.



And now Father, send us out to do the work you have given us to do, to love and serve you as faithful witness of Christ our Lord.  To him, to you, and to the Holy Spirit, be honor and glory, now and forever,  Amen.

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